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The Space Protocol Analysis, CCSDS & ECSS Security Assessment Toolset (SPACE-SAT) aims to test the robustness of the COMMS and OBC modules regarding the process...

Updated on: 08/01/2024
Created on: 08/01/2024
Ionosphere Modular Software Package (IMSP+MGS)

The IMSP+MGS has been developed in a TDE (4000132762/20/NL/AS/hh) and it allows the user to simulate the gemoetry and the most important ionospheric effects for ...

Updated on: 11/10/2023
Created on: 11/10/2023
Version Control System: git
Owner: ONERA, RDA and IEEC
UNILIB - Magnetic Field Library

The UNILIB library has been designed as a tool for the TREND project (Trapped Radiation ENvironment Development, ESA contracts 11711/95/NL/JG and 17025/94/NL/JG) by...

Updated on: 11/10/2023
Created on: 15/09/2023
AI-powered Digital Assistant (AIDA)

The AI-powered Digital Assistant (AIDA) was developed under ESA TDE activity 1000033025 to explore use cases and technologies able to assist systems engineers. AIDA...

Updated on: 21/08/2023
Created on: 21/08/2023
CCSDS Wireshark Dissector

This project is a Wireshark plugin to dissect CCSDS protocol frames/packets.  Wireshark is a protocol analyser used for network troubleshooting, analysis, softwa...

Updated on: 10/07/2023
Created on: 30/06/2023
Independent Software Verification and Validation Handbook

This project is used to distribute the new ISVV Handbook to the industry. It also contains relevant supporting documentation for ISVV activities.  Independent Sof...

Updated on: 09/01/2023
Created on: 09/01/2023
LibmCS - Mathematical library for critical systems

LibmCS Mathematical Library and Qualification Data Package Mathematical libraries are used in nearly any Flight Software and in particular in the AOCS/GNC and scie...

Updated on: 09/12/2022
Created on: 05/12/2022
Version Control System: git
Owner: GTD
RayNer – OptiX based raytracer to determine blackbody viewfactors

RayNer is a prototype software implementation to calculate radiation view factors of spacecraft. It utilizes NVIDIA's OptiX framework to take advantage of the ray t...

Updated on: 15/02/2023
Created on: 28/10/2022
HemiCube – Black body view factor calculation via radiosity based on the hemicube/paraboloid approach

HemiCube is a demonstrator software to calculate black body view factors inside a spacecraft based on the HemiCube (and optionally, the Paraboloid) approach utilizi...

Updated on: 15/02/2023
Created on: 28/10/2022
WhiteDwarf 2.0

Description Source codes of cross-validated implementations of several CCSDS compressors standards: - 121.0-B-3 compressor & decompressor. - 122.0-B-2 compre...

Updated on: 15/09/2023
Created on: 23/09/2022
Version Control System: git
Owner: ESA