How to publish projects

The page that allows to request to load a project can be used by any Esa Member States person ("the user") to notify the Administrator that a new project must be loaded. The Administrator will propagate the request to the relevant Esa Software Licensing Board, who will authorize or not the loading of the software by the Administrator.

The User belongs to ESA

The loading is done in two steps. As, in ESSR, a project can be setup to be “published” or not, then the Administrator can approve the project creation and set it up as “non-published”. Then many iteration may be performed. Once the final code is approved and loaded, the project can be setup as “published” by the Administrator.

1- The user asks for the creation of a project, without any source code attached yet.

2- When the Software Licensing Board has approved, the User can load the software, this project change will request a second authorisation to the Administrator.

The User does not belong to ESA

Go to "My Projects" then "Add New". If "Owner" is "Other", then you cannot request some space on ESSR to store your project. Instead, a link will be inserted to your own repository. Enter the ESA contact point, i.e. the ESA person knowledgeable of your project and able to interface within ESA and also outside, the "Repository type" as appropriate ("other" if your repository is not listed). Select the licence "External link disclaimer". The actual licence will appear only on your repository, ESA just displays a disclaimer of liability. Set up the visibility to "registered" (it will be possible to change it to "public" when proper authorisation is obtained). One "Link" is available, click "Add Link" for more. Enter the relevant type, name, and visibility. For the URL, enter the URL of your distribution. or website, or document repository. Repeat as many time as you need links. Tick "I confirm that I'm the owner of the project or act on his behalf and may grant the license to third-parties". Then "Submit" the project to the Administrator.

The Administrator will contact the ESA contact point, the Software Licensing Board, and the user if necessary.