About ESSR

What is it?
The European Space Software Repository (ESSR), formerly known as OSSR, is an ESA information web portal to promote reuse of Software including Open Source Software (OSS), and provide all parties involved in European Space software development (in particular SMEs) access to results of previous investments.

What are the objectives? 
The ESSR objectives are:

What can it do?
The ESSR web portal contains a list of projects, search function (e.g. using tags) and blog functionality among others.  
The projects contain general information (name, description and a link to a more detailed information page), creation and last modification date, version control system, owner and license type information as well as a homepage and download link. 
Users are either Guest or Registered, with different access level. The registration process is handled by the tool.

How to contribute?
Most projects are owned by ESA and contributions are handled by ESA internally.
However, non-ESA owners can request, through the tool, to have their project added by filling a form. 

More information?
Please contact essr@esa.int for information.