DataModel Editor / DME

The DME provides a conceptual data modelling solution which was originally developed by ScopeSET GmbH for EGS-CC but has since then been used in other ESA activities such as SVTLC, NewMOD and MARVL.

DME offers the following key functionalities:

  • A lightweight UML and Ecore based datamodeling approach, combined with fully integrated constraint modelling (using OCL) which exceeds the capabilities and usefulness of current complex UML tools
  • Integrated requirements editor and tracing to datamodel elements, ReqIF import (to be tailored dependiung on actual ReqIF)
  • QUDV and Category support
  • Powerful report generation (ICD like documents, HTML reference reports, etc.)
  • Various exports to Ecore, XSD, XMI, etc.
  • Model comparison / diff report
  • PreValidation of DataModels through instantiation in an automatically generated tool significantly raises the quality of the DataModel. This can be accomplished without adding implementation detail based on the DataModel – the only downside is a bigger learning curve for the usage of the automatically generated IME
  • Dynamic and notation independent visualization of model data through generated “boxes and lines” diagrams significantly ease both the learning curve for a new model as well as facilitates communication about models
  • Although not productively used in the project, the presented approach for PUS Tailoring definitions and their application in a runtime environment (i.e. here in an automatically generated and tailored UI) have been considered promising and worthwhile of further investigation
  • Support for model partitioning, i.e. the splitting of datamodels into separate parts, read-only access to linked external elements
  • Git integration
  • Optional BPMN integration (work in progress, provided on demand) - with tracing cababilities between the BPM and the DataModel
Updated on: 30/04/2019
Created on: 26/04/2019
Owner: ESA