WhiteDwarf 2.0


Source codes of cross-validated implementations of several CCSDS compressors standards:

- 121.0-B-3 compressor & decompressor.

- 122.0-B-2 compressor & decompressor.

- 123.0-B-2 decompressor only.

There is also an open-source version of the 123.0-B-2 compressor developed for ESA by Arobs (former ENEA). Please contact cosmin.stanciu@arobsengineering.com to obtain the source code.

Object-code versions of the CCSDS 123.0-B-2 and CCSDS 121.0-B-3 (compressors & decompressors) are also available from CNES (https://www.connectbycnes.fr/en/ccsds-1230-b-2-ccsds-1210-b-3)

Purpose and objectives

The availability of cross-validated CCSDS standard implementations is a major need for the adoption of such standards (in which ESA has spent considerable resources over the past 15 years).

Two main use cases are expected:

1 – Space segment:

  • Compression efficiency and image quality simulations.
  • Cross-validation of compression implementations on data processing units.

2 – Ground segment:

  • integration of decompressors (or full codecs) in ground segment processing chains, EGSE equipment or End-to-end simulators.
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