The Space Protocol Analysis, CCSDS & ECSS Security Assessment Toolset (SPACE-SAT) aims to test the robustness of the COMMS and OBC modules regarding the processing of CCSDS/ECSS protocols. It provides the following capabilities:

  • A flexible way to craft CCSDS/ECCS frame/packet through a GUI and a CLI. It includes:
    • CCSDS TC Synchronisation and Channel Coding
    • CCSDS TC Data Link Layer
    • CCSDS AOS Data Link Layer
    • CCSDS Space Packet
    • ECSS TC Packet Utilization Service Header
  • A CCSDS Space Data Link Security (SDLS) implementation for TC request. It includes:
    • Authentication CMAC
    • Authenticated encryption GCM
    • Encryption CTR
  • Some Fuzzing capabilities using the Scapy’s Fuzz() function

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Updated on: 11/10/2023
Created on: 10/10/2023
Owner: ESA