SCOC3 Basic SW

The SCOC3 ASIC is a powerful chip developed by Astrium with ESA co-funding.

It implements a LEON 3 plus 2 x 1553 bus, 2 x CAN Bus, 7 x SpaceWire, 1 x TMTC... etc. The SCOC3 ASIC is flight qualified. 

The ESA TRP Contract 4000104797 has developed the SCOC3 Basic SW (BSW), a set of 'flight SW drivers' for the SCOC3. The BSW has passed the equivalent to CDR testing. (Note: a Qualification step will be always neccesary in the scope of the particular project and HW).

The product is under "ESA Community License, type 3, permissive". This means free usage of BSW and doc for companies of ESA member states in ESA projects.

Updated on: 03/03/2017
Created on: 14/04/2016
Version Control System: git
Owner: ESA


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