RayNer – OptiX based raytracer to determine blackbody viewfactors

RayNer is a prototype software implementation to calculate radiation view factors of spacecraft. It utilizes NVIDIA's OptiX framework to take advantage of the ray tracing hardware capabilities of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. It includes all relevant parts of a thermal radiative analysis kernel.

Both triangles and some basic quadric shapes (spheres, cylinder mantles, cone mantles and disks) can be used to model spacecraft geometry. Triangulated geometries are provided via the GLTF format, while quadric shapes are provided by a simple JSON file. RayNer supports two-sided geometries. Four surface interaction models are implemented: absorption, specular reflection, diffuse reflection and transmission, or any arbitrary combination of the four. Surface interaction coefficients can be set for each surface individually.

Updated on: 15/02/2023
Created on: 28/10/2022
Version Control System: git
Owner: Fraunhofer EMI