RATIO-SIM (Rationalisation of Simulators)


The specification, design and verification of modern space systems rely heavily on the use of system modelling and simulation, in support of the space systems engineering process. The RATIO-SIM (Rationalisation of Simulators) Initiative aims at the rationalisation of simulation infrastructures, including the methods, tools and processes being utilised by the European space systems integrators, suppliers and operators.

The main goal of this initiative is to achieve a reduction of cost related to the development, utilisation and maintenance of the modelling and simulation facilities and infrastructures across the European Space Sector.

The RATIO-SIM Terms of Reference are the foundation of the RATIO-SIM Initiative and define the cooperation between the various member organisations. The RATIO-SIM stakeholders currently come from the following types of entities: European and National Space Agencies, Large Space Systems Integrators (LSI), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Institues and Academia. They contribute to the goals of the initiative in any combination of their roles as simulator suppliers, simulator customers, information suppliers (such as equipment manufacturers) or simulator operators and users.

In order to advance the techonology of the modelling and simulation facilities and infrastructures across the European Space Sector, and in order to reduce the cost related to their development, utilisation and maintenance, the RATIO-SIM Initiative, via the Advisory Group and its Working Groups:

  • defines reference architectures for the Space Systems Simulators and Simulation Infrastructure;
  • provides inputs to further standardisation (e.g. the evolution of ECSS-E-ST-40-07C – Simulation Modelling Platform);
  • specifies, develops and maintains Simulation Infrastructure Building Blocks via RATIO-SIM Working Groups.

The Advisory Group and its Working Groups are open to participation by organisations residing in any of the ESA Member States and that are stakeholders in the domain of system modelling and simulation. Participants may belong to one of the categories of stakeholder entities: European and National Space Agencies, Large System Integrators, Small and Medium Enterprises or Institutes and Academia. Participants should support the functioning of the Advisory Group and of its Working Groups and may take part in the corresponding consensus and voting processes, as defined in the Terms of Reference .

Participants can also be part of the RATIO-SIM Initiative without having an active role in the Advisory Group or in its Working Groups. As Observers, they will have access to any artefacts produced by the RATIO-SIM Initiative and will be informed about the overall status and the progress of the ongoing activities.

Contact the RATIO-SIM Initiative at: ratio-sim@esa.int

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