OSRA - Onboard Software Reference Architecture


logo OSRAThe Onboard Software Reference Architecture (OSRA) is a comprehensive reference architecture for spacecraft onboard software which is intended to address the major needs for software development in a modern, European context. The OSRA uses a component- and model-based approach to allow the development in a more efficient and flexible way than traditional methods, without sacrificing robustness.


OSRA has been developed in the frame of the SAVOIR initiative (see the SAVOIR project on this ESSR), in order to reply to industrial needs that can be summarised as FASTER: reduce schedule, LATER: allow for late changes in the life cycle and SOFTER: ease subcontracting of part of the software.


      - Space Component Model Metamodel: The reference implementation of the component model for the OSRA is based on an ecore metamodel, called the Space Component Model (SCM).
      - SCM Model Editor: A graphical editor based has been developed to allow the creation of SCM models. The so called OSRA SCM Model Editor is based on Eclipse, using the Sirius framework.

The Eclipse update site with the SCM Model Editor and the Space Component Model can be installed in Eclipse Oxygen v4.7.3a. It is recommended to download the "Eclipse Modeling Tools" (Linux: eclipse-modeling-oxygen-3a-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz, Windows:eclipse-modeling-oxygen-3a-win32-x86_64.zip)


      - TN-002: SAVOIR Onboard Software Reference Architecture: An informative guide to the OSRA.
      - TM-001: SAVOIR OSRA - SCM Metamodel specification: The Space Component Model (SCM) meta-model specification.
      - TM-003: SAVOIR OSRA - Execution platform pseudo-component specification: A specification of the component layer pseudo- components representing the functionality of the Execution platform to the component layer.
      - GS-005: SAVOIR-OSRA - Execution platform functional specification: The specification of the execution platform at a functional level.

GS-005 (issue 1 revision 2) has been released (see link in the right column). Other documents to be published 2021.

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Updated on: 19/10/2020
Created on: 08/11/2017
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