NIR HAWAII-2RG Data processing algorithms - Benchmarking software

This software implements algorithms to process raw frames coming from a near infrared (NIR) HAWAII-2RG detector. The algorithms are implemeneted in floating point and fixed point (details on the algorithms can be found here).

The purpose of publishing those alogrithms is to provide a software to benchmark (future) (multi-core) processors and (associated) software tools with software that is representative for scientific payloads on board satellites. NB: The software, as it is released here, is only targeting single core, no parallelization has been performed on the code, although this should be straight forward.

A presentation is also provided (see "NIR HAWAII-2RG - Introduction and results of data processing on different platforms.pptx"). It explains the use of the detector and the basic purpose of the algorithm, as well as some benchmarking results on LEON and PowerPC processors. Users are encouraged to share their benchmarking results and the modified source code with ESA.

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Updated on: 04/09/2018
Created on: 24/05/2016
Owner: ESA