MTAPI for LEON multicore

The Multicore Association’s Multicore Task Management API (MTAPI ®) provides functionality for task based programming on embedded systems. This includes spawning and waiting for tasks to complete, queues to guarantee execution of tasks in FIFO order, waiting for groups of task to finish and more. MTAPI uses a fixed and configurable amount of resources to reduce latency and footprint, which makes it suitable for use on embedded systems.

This library provides an implementation of MTAPI specifically designed for use with LEON3 and LEON4 multicore processors (most notably GR712RC and GR740) running the RTEMS operating system in SMP configuration (v5.1 and later). The library comes with an on target test suite and a short users manual. More information on MTAPI can be found at

Updated on: 12/11/2019
Created on: 09/08/2018
Owner: ESA