mobiPV - a mobile procedure viewer

mobiPV is a modular network enabled application for an operator / technician to use as an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) browser, consisting of one or many checklist procedures, to be deployed on a COTS mobile device and/or laptop. Furthermore, mobiPV enables distributed collaborative teamwork for complex manual tasks.

The mobiPV is implemented in C as a distributed platform for easy future adaptations to new COTS hardware. The mobiPV application provides the following features:


  • Runs on different Linux based platforms;
  • Support to multi-party communications including, peer to peer video conferencing, audio conferencing, and dynamical switch to video sources for the units connected to a conference;
  • Support to short text message communications;
  • Note taking and its association to procedure steps. Audio, video (including audio), photo and text notes are supported;
  • Supports collaborative operations between different units in a master slave mode. The collaboration mode also supports a shared note space between all the units.
  • Supports access to documents (e.g. procedures) in remote devices. 
  • Supports building of a logbook during execution of a mobiPV session. 

The ESSR distribution includes all source files of the core system, an example system compiled for Android 4.4, sources for a simple Android user interface, and user and design documentation including build instructions.

Updated on: 13/09/2018
Created on: 13/09/2018
Owner: ESA


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