mobiPV - a mobile procedure viewer

mobiPV is a modular network enabled application for an operator / technician to use as an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) browser, consisting of one or many checklist procedures, to be deployed on a COTS mobile device and/or laptop. Furthermore, mobiPV enables distributed collaborative teamwork for complex manual tasks.

The mobiPV is implemented in C as a distributed platform for easy future adaptations to new COTS hardware. The mobiPV application provides the following features:

  • Runs on different Linux based platforms;
  • Support to multi-party communications including, peer to peer video conferencing, audio conferencing, and dynamical switch to video sources for the units connected to a conference;
  • Support to short text message communications;
  • Note taking and its association to procedure steps. Audio, video (including audio), photo and text notes are supported;
  • Supports collaborative operations between different units in a master slave mode. The collaboration mode also supports a shared note space between all the units.
  • Supports access to documents (e.g. procedures) in remote devices. 
  • Supports building of a logbook during execution of a mobiPV session. 

The ESSR distribution includes all source files of the core system and user and design documentation including build instructions. No GUI is provided with this package. Please refer to SDD documentation for details on how to develop a GUI for the mobiPV core.

Updated on: 09/11/2018
Created on: 13/09/2018
Owner: ESA


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