Independent Software Verification and Validation Handbook

This project is used to distribute the new ISVV Handbook to the industry. It also contains relevant supporting documentation for ISVV activities. 

Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV) is an engineering practice intended to improve quality and reduce costs of a software product. It is also intended to reduce development risks by having an organisation independent of the software developer’s perform verification and validation of the specifications and code of a software product.

The global objective of this guide is to aid in establishing an improved and coherent ISVV process across the European space industry in a consolidation of existing practice. Special emphasis is placed on process efficiency while the tasks are complementary to the nominal SW supplier’s verification and validation tasks. It is hoped that the guide will also be found useful in other industries (e.g. Automotive, telecom, railway, etc) where software is a component of safety and dependability critical systems.

The guide defines the ISVV process with management, verification, and validation activities. It provides advice on ISVV roles, responsibilities, planning, and communication as well as methods to use for the various verification and validation tasks.

Updated on: 09/01/2023
Created on: 09/01/2023
Owner: ESA